Recorder Digits for Windows

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On this page, you can download the following:

Recorder Digits Installation

There are 3 types of installation available for download (Zip file, Self-Extractor, Installer). Which one you use depends on how much handholding you want. Since Recorder Digits is such a simple application, it can be easily installed and uninstalled without use of a full-blown installer. However, some people prefer this and especially insist on an Uninstall routine. Therefore, I offer these 3 types of installs, so you can use what you like.

In this day and age, I should mention that Recorder Digits contains no spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, or any other such junk. You can feel safe trying and using it, and if you don't like it, it is easy to remove.

If you already installed an earlier version, you should always install the new version over the earlier one - i.e. use the same directory as before. If you use the Installer, it remembers where you installed in subsequent installs.

Installation Using Zip file

This type of install offers the least amount of help. You need an unzip utility to extract the files, and you need to create your own directory.

To install the zip file, if this is the first time you have installed, create a new directory (folder) using Windows Explorer. Then unzip the rcdigits.zip archive into the new directory. If you installed an earlier version before, just unzip the new version into the old directory, which will replace the old version with the new.

Download - Zip File

Click here to download the zip archive rcdigits.zip (746K)

Installation Using Self-Extractor

This install is similar to using the zip file above. The only difference is that it is an executable that you run. When you do, it will prompt you for a directory name to install into and then unzip into that (it creates a new one if it doesn't exist).

Download - Self-Extractor

Click here to download the self-extractor rcdextr.exe (815K)

Installation Using Installer

This is a full-blown installation which installs all the program files, plus it creates a Start->Programs menu item containing shortcuts to run the program, read the ReadMe, view the Help, and Uninstall. It also optionally sets up icons to run Recorder Digits on your desktop and/or QuickLaunch toolbar.

After the first installation using the installer, it remembers where you installed and will automatically default to installing any newer version over the old.

This Installer was created using the Nullsoft Install System (NSIS). Nullsoft is the company that also produces the popular Winamp MP3 music player. See my links page for more info.

Download - Installer

Click here to download the Installer rcdinstl.exe (766K)

Download from Download.com

If you prefer, you can also download the zip file installation from the popular shareware/freeware site Download.com by clicking this button:
Get it from CNET Download.com!


See the readme.txt file delivered with the installation for instructions on uninstalling. Generally speaking it involves just deleting all the files that were installed, and is easy because Recorder Digits is self-contained in one directroy. The Installer produces an Uninstall routine that makes it even easier.

Help Files in Old Format

New with version 2.85, the Help that is installed with the program is in the form of "local" web pages - i.e. the help files are regular html files stored on your harddrive in a folder \helphtml under the installation folder. The program itself issues an Open for the the appropriate html file when you request help either via the Help menu or F1. This change was necessary because Windows Vista does not support the old style help ("WinHelp"). See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607 for more info.

If you really like the old style help, you can download an up-to-date version and install the files on your harddrive (consists of 2 files - rcdigits.hlp and rcdigits.cnt). The program will not use them, but you can doubleclick on the rcdigits.hlp file and it will open just fine on any system other than Vista (and you can download an installation from Microsoft that will make it work in Vista - see the link above).

Click here to download the zip archive helpfiles.zip (611K)

Scale Bitmaps and Sample G recorder

For developers who want to create historical recorders in a different key (e.g. a G recorder), I have created some bitmaps to be used to replace the scales in the program. I have also created a sample G recorder fingering file as a demonstration.

Click here to download the archive scalebmp.zip (37K)