Recorder Digits for Windows

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Normal Trills External File

Recorder Digits comes supplied with an external file, NORMTRIL.TXT, which displays the normal trills for all notes, in the 2-fingering pattern used on this WebSite - the starting fingering position and then the trill fingering. The file can be displayed either via the File/Load Normtril.txt menu item, or the Quickload button at the bottom of the program labeled "Trills".

Here is a screen snapshot of the Recorder Digits screen after the NORMTRIL.TXT file has been loaded (click the image for a full-sized view):

Normtril Display

This shows how the regular screen display can be modified with an external file. Not only can recorder fingering diagrams be displayed in customized fashion, but text entries can be made (e.g. the box that says ""F# -> E"), and bitmap images can be displayed (the small music example following the fingering is a bitmap image). Even the titles "Standard" and "Alternates" can be changed (it now says "Page 2 - Alternate Trills").

It also shows the effect of using the Enharmonics menu. Notice that the text says "F# -> E". This is because the Enharmonics setting "Normal Names" has been picked. If "Full Names" had been picked, it would say "F#/Gb -> E". Plus, the Note buttons have "normal" names, not "full" names.

The above snapshot also shows the External ReadMe - View button, new with Version 2.10, which allows the user to view documentation (if present) associated with the external file.

Note that the normal built-in fingering display is also available even after an external file has been loaded, by using a View menu item which allows you to toggle between the external file's display and the regular built-in display.