Recorder Digits for Windows

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Recorder Digits can produce 2 different types of reports - a text-only report and a rich-text "word-processor" report.

A report can be created for the built-in fingerings or a loaded external file. For example, a very nice learners report can be produced from the Ken Wollitz Advice file.

Below is a sample of a text-only report, and then a screen snapshot of word-processor report, opened in Microsoft Word. This report is taken from the external file showing normal trills. It shows the standard fingering for the note, followed by the 2-fingering trilling sequence.

Text Report:
Note: C#/Db, octave 1
0 12- 45/-
D#/Eb -> C#/Db
0 1-3 4---
0 1-3 4*56/ (note obtained with trill fingers DOWN)
Play the alternate C#/Db gently or it will break to the next octave.

Wordprocessor report:

The recorder pictures look much better when printed. For example, the holes look round. You have a choice of 5 different color combinations for the recorder pictures, which is selectable on the Report dialog.

Here is a screen snapshot of the Report Dialog, showing the options: reportdlg